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garage door repair fairfax caThe fact that it is crucial for garage doors to function properly at all times is undeniable. However, sometimes garage doors become faulty and fail to work as they should. When this happens, their prompt repair is key to ensure that that you do not suffer any inconvenience. With regard to this, garage door repair Fairfax CA is your most reliable partner in Fairfax CA. We ensure that when a client requires our repair services we offer them with a high level of dedication, diligence and professionalism. We are going to highlight some of the common garage door problems we fix.

The first problems we deal are garage door opening issues. Garage door opening problems such as the garage door opening halfway or opening and closing unexpectedly when not prompted can be quite irritating. Garage door opening problems may be caused by several issues such as; problems with the sensors, garage door remote issues and problems with other opener components. Our qualified team of experts is able to accurately pin point the problem and deal with it accordingly.

We also replace broken garage door springs. Springs are a major component of any garage door and when they are break, the garage door stops functioning appropriately. The door has both torsion and extension springs. Whereas extension springs are located above the upper tracks, torsion springs are usually located just above the garage door. If the garage door makes a weird creaky noise when opening and closing this may be an indication that the springs are broken. When the springs break they should be urgently replaced and we at garage door repair Fairfax CA are the right people for this job.

fairfax garage door repair Broken cables are another common problem that garage doors face. Cables play a crucial role in the opening and closing of the garage door. The cables may also come off the pulleys and hence the opening and closing mechanism of the door will be affected. When this happens, the problem should be rectified immediately. The garage door rollers may also become bent or break. Since they play an equally crucial role, they should be replaced immediately once they become bent or broken. You can rest assured that if you employ our services your garage door rollers and cables will be replaced appropriately.

Another common problem we fix is a bent garage door track. Like the cables and rollers, the track plays central role in the smooth opening and closing of the garage door. If the problem of a bent garage door track is not rectified in good time it may cause more extensive damage. garage door repair Fairfax CA  professional technicians also replace entire garage panels and weather seals.

We only use top brand garage door companies such as : Genie | Liftmaster | Amarr and many more…

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